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About l'Hort

L'Hort Coworking: The perfect work spot for creative professionals in the center of Girona, Spain.
L'Hort Coworking is a shared workspace that offers a unique perspective on the concept of coworking. Located in the heart of Girona, this space was created and designed by the interior designer Xon M. Aguilera.

Opened in early 2021, L'Hort Coworking has been designed to meet the specific needs of creative professionals and other members of the business community.

Coworking Space in Girona

Designed by Xon M. Aguilera, the coworking space has an industrial, professional, but casual touch. The interior designer discovered this 92-square-meter space with a 300-square-meter garden and completely transformed it using her distinctive style of vibrant colors, quality materials, and the Mediterranean character.
Thoughtfully crafted design:

L'Hort Coworking offers an exceptional working experience with an artistic flair. Every detail of the space has been carefully curated to provide an inspiring and elegant environment that reflects the creativity and professionalism of its community members.

Detail of the Hort office area
l'Hort Coworking Girona tables equipped with monitor and design chair
A Platfrom for productivity:

This space provides a welcoming environment that fosters productivity and collaboration. With 8 desks, a soundproofed office, and a fully equipped meeting room, L'Hort Coworking offers a variety of options to cater to different professional needs.
Private garden:

L'Hort Coworking stands out because of its 300 m2 garden that includes an equipped pergola. This outdoor space is perfect for working al fresco as well as organizing corporate events, presentations and creative workshops, providing a tranquil and inspiring environment.
Pergola with table and chairs in the garden of l'Hort Coworking Girona
Table with glasses of wine in the garden of Hort Coworking Girona
Personalized services:

At L'Hort Coworking, we understand that every professional is unique. That's why we offer personalized services that can be tailored to individual needs, including the option of catering services, with bartenders and sommeliers available.

Our flexibility is your opportunity, as we customize each event according to your needs and budget.
A growing professional community:

L'Hort Coworking is not just a workspace but also a growing community of creative professionals, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

We organize events and talks to foster interaction and collaboration among members.
Two coworkers with laptops at a table in l'Hort Coworking Girona
Work area with 2 monitors and 2 chairs in l'Hort Coworking
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